We, the Corporate Management of Schools is a corporate Agency Managing the schools in the Diocese of Alleppey, working for mobilizing and uplifting the local community. Spread across the coastal region of the district through education.We have 27 schools with more than 700 teachers and nearly19000 students.

Being part of a knowledge era, we strive to establish a knowledge hub in the coastal area from where the wisdom is disseminated to liberate the people of the locality from all bondages. We visualize to assist the individual to attain perfection, realizing his divine destiny. Best education is the right of a child by virtue of his birth as a human being. As India’s future is being shaped in the classrooms we try to impart a wide range of knowledge beyond the four walls.

Our Schools
Higher Scondary Schools
High Schools
UP School
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Our Schools

The schools in the corporate management seek to create a new learning environment based on a blended learning approach which allows students to explore experiment, reflect and plan with creativity and to use feedback and self-assessment. This can help in the qualitative and quantitative improvement of our lives that can ultimately bring us to the mainstream.

27 well flourished schools from lower primary to higher secondary are there under the corporate management of schools. We have three higher secondary schools, eight high schools, one upper primary and fifteen lower primary schools.

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