About Us

We, the Corporate Management of Schools is a corporate Agency Managing the schools in the Diocese of Alleppey, working for mobilizing and uplifting the local community. Spread across the coastal region of the district through education.We have 27 schools with more than 700 teachers and nearly 19000 students.

Being part of a knowledge era, we strive to establish a knowledge hub in the coastal area from where the wisdom is disseminated to liberate the people of the locality from all bondages. We visualize to assist the individual to attain perfection, realizing his divine destiny. Best education is the right of a child by virtue of his birth as a human being. As India’s future is being shaped in the classrooms we try to impart a wide range of knowledge beyond the four walls. 


The history of education in the Diocese of Alleppey dates back to formation of the Diocese in the year 1952. Many educational institutions were brought up by the missionaries, aiming at reforming the society. The schools which were serving the community even before the formation of the Diocese were later brought under the Corporate Management.

The life of people in the coastal belt of Alleppey was historically feeble, which remained the main motivation for the establishment of the corporate management of schools. As ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ says, people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them; instead they went out and cause things to happen. We were the same; it was in 1971, as a step towards progress, many schools then run under private management were brought under a corporate management. The then Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael Arattukulam, took the initiative and constitute the ‘Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Alleppey’, where he became the first manager. The first office manager was Rev.Fr Marian Jose Pereira and Chevalier Raphael Thomas was the correspondent. The first power of Attorney of the management was Mons. Fr. Varghese Puthenpurackal. Presently the Corporate manager is Rev. Fr. Xavier Kudiamserry.

Our Vision:

A knowledge base for the development of the community living along the coastal area of the district of Alleppey with special emphasis on curbing the educational and social backwardness is our vital endeavour and vision.

Our Motto:

“Go and educate all nations” is the mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ. Education for us is the fulfilment of this mandate.

Our Mission:

As our mission towards a society thriving to develop, we establish a classroom outside four walls, where the sub- standard lives of the people of Alleppey can be eliminated, preparing them to achieve the global development benefits. We try to create a social revolution with education.

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