( 5/6/2014 )

Every year during the annual gathering held in February we release our souvenir. It is made by the combined effort of manager, students and teachers. The annual report of the management as well as the schools can be found in the same.

Year Name
2012 Coastal Pedagogy
2010 Vijaya Velicham
2009 Neithal Chirakukal
2008 Panchagni Jwala
2006 Agni Kuthippukal
2003 Souvenir 2003-‘04
Scholastic Times
( 7/24/2013 )

A monthly booklet made by the management combining the works of outstanding individuals along with the articles of our students and teachers are published. It also helps us in being up-to-date with the activities and achievements of the diocese and management.

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